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New Year Celebrations With Kids

2008.jpgRemember New Year?s Eve, before kids? I actually birthed a child 11 minutes after midnight on New Year?s Day 1999. Now that was a holiday to remember! That next year, I realized how close Christmas and New Year?s Day really are!
You remember?how the world was preparing for doomsday for Y2K? I was preparing for that and trying to figure out how to pull off a first birthday party if the world fell apart. Not an easy task. I remember the eerie feeling going to pick up her birthday cake the day before (the local grocery story had a free cake special that day? hmmmm) and watching people hoard the milk, toilet paper and water. As I walked down the aisles to get to the check out line, I noticed that they were bare. Very, very weird.

There?s always been a week between Christmas and New Year?s. Always. However, as I?ve learned now that I am older, time is very relative. Time seems to lengthen dramatically when you are very pregnant. That year I birthed my daughter, a week seemed to last a month. Now that I have 5 children, the week between Christmas and New Year?s Day and DD number 4?s birthday just flies by.

Now that the kids are older, they realize that New Year?s Eve is a big bash, not just for us, but for most everyone. They aren?t just interested in our family celebration but they want to do the whole big party thing. Stay up late, watch the ball drop, attend the bonfires at our church complete with food and pony rides, etc. All that, and then get up and celebrate a birthday the next day. Sure.

We?ve tried to let the kids stay up until midnight or even beyond. It just doesn?t work. They end up crabby, and we end up crabby. This year with a new baby, there?s just no way I?m even going to entertain the idea of allowing them up past bedtime. I?m already tired just thinking about it. In fact, this morning, I was so tired, I gave a bottle to our puppy. Now that?s just sad.

This year we?ve decided to have a New Year?s Eve celebration for the kids exactly at 12:00?noon that is. I found a cool web site with lots of links for activities for New Year?s for the kids to do. Also, the local aquarium is having a party for kids New Year?s Eve day. We?ll be checking that out.

Will they be disappointed? Probably. Will they miss out? No. They?ll have lots of fun on that day, and even be able to celebrate the next day too.

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