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My Traveling Bucket List

No, I don’t have a bucket I carry around with me while I travel. This is in reference to the movie Bucket List but my list is modified to list the places my husband and I traveled to before we had baby #1, and then a list of the places I would love to visit first before baby#2 comes along.

My husband and I come from two far-flung corners of the world. Before he got to California, he lived in Morocco, visited Spain, did a 1 yr. stint in France. As for me, I was born in Asia, moved to Canada, before I found myself in the U.S. You could say, the wanderlust got bred in us early. We didn’t rush into having a baby, wanting to enjoy being married to each other first, and most especially, wanting to travel first.

Here are the places we found ourselves in as a couple:

  • Morocco before we wed in 2003
  • London, England 2004
  • Philippines 2005
  • Visited both Florida and NYC 2006
  • Florence and Rome, Italy 2007 while I was 4 mos. pregnant. Our daughter’s first name means “of Italy”. How apt!

We considered ourselves lucky to have been able to see these places. We want to instill the same sense of traveling adventure in our daughter, who’s currently 8 mos. So far, she’s been on a 3 hour flight back and forth from DFW to San Diego several times. Before she has a baby sister or brother, we hope to have explored more of California and neighboring states with her in tow. Napa, San Francisco, maybe Tahoe even. But for sure, my husband’s and my overseas travels aren’t over yet. Here are some places we hope to visit within the next 2-3 years:

  • Japan
  • Paris, France
  • Thailand

and more for the future (maybe even with both children once they’re older!)

  • Barcelona and Malaga, Spain
  • Italy again (we really really enjoyed ourselves the last time)
  • The Caribbean
  • Hawaii
  • Greece
  • Prague, Czech
  • Tibet

These are great places to dream of. I know it’ll be harder to reach them now that we have kids, but I’m reminded of the families we saw in Italy just last year who had young kids walking along with their parents during the museum tours we took. It can happen!

May the traveling bug bite you too! 🙂

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