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Moms Mad at Motrin Use Twitter to Incite Boycott

Motrin’s new ad campaign, “Mom-alogue,” has in a way, done exactly what it was intended to do: get mothers talking. However I don’t think they quite expected this.

Moms, dads, and other Tweeters are spittin’ mad for what they believe is a degrading commercial video at What did they do about it? They took it to the net. Twitter to be exact. Through this popular new communication tool, “telling two friends” has made the “motrinmoms” topic the most discussed conversation on the internet.

AMassofHumanity: Yikes! Moms starting a revolution against Motrin over their latest commercial. PR nightmare. #motrinmoms

There are thousands of comments like this on Twitter, commonly referred to as tweets, and new ones are being added every single second.

What is a Twitter you say? It’s only the most awesome way to communicate online, like, EVER! Yes, I’m what you would call twiddicted. And for good reason. Twitter is a free, fun, and efficient way to keep up with your friends and associates (in 140 character or less increments). It is fast becoming the most popular way for social groups, business, and organizations to communicate rapidly and easily. If you want to know more about it, check out – or heck, just ask me! I love teaching people how to use Twitter. It’s fast becoming my hobby.

And yes, you will find @Babiesonline there too 🙂

Ok, I should stop gushing about Twitter and get back to the story … I heard about the Motrin debacle from someone I follow: @AlohaArleen – she heard about it from her friends and tweeted the news, I picked it up from her and retweeted the news to my followers, who in turn retweeted to theirs, and so on, and so on. It has hit such mass proportions that I’d be surprised if the video is still there by the time you read this post. I’ll also be surprised if the PR Department for Motrin isn’t popping their product by the handful come Monday morning when the backlash hits the corporate offices.

But that’s the risk you take when you mess with moms who tweet!

This article was written in part by Arleen Anderson

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