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Mommy Business Cards

A fellow mom in a playgroup I attended once gave all of us a really great and thoughtful gift: Mommy Business Cards. She bought us all gift certificates to a company that allows you to customize business cards specifically designed for stay-at-home moms. As a gift she gave us all a certificate for 25 cards.

We were all really excited to hop online and design our cards, although some of us wondered if we would ever actually use the cards. Actually, my stock was depleted quite quickly. Think about all the times you give another mom your phone number to plan a playdate or when you just want to drop a business card into a bowl at a restaurant for a chance to win a free lunch.

The best use of these cards? Whenever I take my kids somewhere crowded where there is any chance that my kids might wander away from me (amusement parks, malls, etc) I tuck a card into their pocket. They know that if they are ever lost they should hand the card to an employee or another mommy with kids and ask them to call me.

My cards have a cute design with pink and purple font and simply state: “Monet and Abram’s Mommy” and then lists my name, cell phone number, and e-mail address. I tell you, it’s much easier than fumbling to find a pen and piece of paper when I want to give someone my contact information, and it’s a lot of fun handing them out to other moms who invariably want to know where they can get their own cards.

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