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Fun things to do with your 6-9 month old baby

I can’t believe that our baby is about to hit the six-month mark. Half a year has really whizzed by! Here are some fun ways to play and learn with your 6-9 month old. Between the ages of 6-9 months, babies become more alert and mobile. They will enjoy playing with toys that they can push, pull, shake, rattle and roll.

This is a particularly important time to talk to baby; you can teach her some basic animal sounds,. Say, “What does a dog say? Woof!”, and your baby will likely respond by making or attempting to make, the same sound. Remember to repeat the sounds after baby makes them-babies love repetition!

Build baby’s motor skills by showing him how to stack and unstack blocks or plastic nesting cups.

Hold soft objects such as stuffed animals or balled-up socks in the air. You can say, “Up so high!”, then drop each object, one by one into a plastic container or basket, and say “Down so low!”. Watch to see if your baby picks up the objects and drops them into the container again.

At around seven months old, baby will start to recognize her own name when it is spoken. You can have a conversation with her using two toy phones. Speak into one phone, mimicking someone familiar to baby; this can be grandma, daddy, or even a fun character like Elmo. Repeat baby’s name often while she “listens” to you through the other phone. Pause often to let her respond to you. She’ll get a kick out of your voice if you exaggerate sounds and facial expressions.

Finally, you can teach baby about the concept of object permanence, which refers to the fact that things still exist even when out of sight. Use two large plastic cups. Place an object under each one; for example, a blue ball under one and a red block under the other. Encourage baby to lift or knock over one of the cups. Show surprise when he does, by exclaiming, “Look what you just found!”. Pick up his discovered object and talk about its name, color, shape, etc. After baby has picked up both cups, see if he tries to cover the objects with them again.

Using these toys, props and your imagination, you can come up with more fun ways to play with your 6-9 month old.

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