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Fun things to do with your 0-3 month-old

For the past three years, my days were my own. My boys were in school all day. Now, I find myself with a new baby for the first time in eight years?and as if that weren?t enough, his big brothers are home for summer vacation.

Just a couple of months ago I was able to carve out time for writing, working out, meeting friends or my sisters for lunch, taking leisurely trips to the grocery store, working on projects around the house, and more. And suddenly, I have an infant to tend to all day again. Besides feeding, burping, changing, rocking and holding him, I?m learning all over again just what to do with a new baby.

Here are some activities that your new baby will most likely enjoy:

  1. Turn on some music and dance with him; he?ll love the sounds and movement
  2. Read to him; although an infant might not understand the words in Good Night Moon, he?ll love the sound and rhythm of your voice and notice the colors on the pages while you hold him close
  3. Stimulate his sense of vision: When baby is about two months old, you can hold him and while holding a toy in your hand, move it slowly from side to side. He will be able to track it with his eyes!
  4. Stimulate his sense of touch: Gather some fabrics with interesting textures and/or some flower petals or soft leaves. Tickle baby?s toes or rub his arm and hand with the different textures. He will enjoy the different sensations.
  5. Hold baby in front of a mirror and teach him self-recognition. Babies love to look at faces. Tell him: ?I see you! There?s Jack!? or ?Do you see Mommy?? Make different facial expressions for him to see; babies love to see these changes. Although he won?t understand you, it?s always stimulating to baby when you speak to him. Tell him that you?re smiling because you?re happy, etc.

Use your imagination to come up with more ways to stimulate and mesmerize your baby. So many things will interest this new little person who?s seeing the world for the very first time!

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