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Free (Or Nearly Free) Activities For The Family

freefreefamily2.jpgDid I ever tell you about the time my little brother was 8 yrs. old and I decided to take him to the State Fair of Texas? This was 7 years ago, while I was still in school myself, and I was surprised to find $60 gone. Poof! Now you see it, now you don’t. It got me wondering how families with multiple kids DO things.

My household is in a tight budget now. Wanna hear a confession? I get a measly $80 a month of mad money for myself. Not bad, until I remember I used to get $60/month from my parents when I was in college. I used to enjoy $35/pedicure before Mina came along. That eats about a quarter of my allowance now, so my toes are, shall we say, au naturelle for now.

We’ve been making do with watching Youtube videos, visiting the library for free books, visiting the park where we picnic on affordable fare like egg salad sandwiches and then walking around. Mina doesn’t care for now of course; she’s only 7 mos. after all. But I care. I’d like a bit more variety and sophistication in my outings.

In search of this variety, I turned to my trusty personal assistant: the Internet; more specifically Google. I searched for Free Activities For Family in DFW.

Voila! I got hits after hits, some were gold mines. Examples included a 1-hour guided tour in the historic arts district of Dallas, observation station to watch takeoff and landings of the DFW international airport, historical cabins and lodges, free museums, a calendar with kid-friendly events like an Asian festival which showcases different dance styles.

The moral of the story, dear parents, is that you don’t have to go stir-crazy at home, or get bored with the usual library run. Yes, your dear children deserve entertainment and exposure to different activities, but so do you. Turn to the internet, scout events at your neighborhood churches which frequently hold food festivals, cultural festivals, and other family-friendly fund raisers. With luck, you’ll never have to spend more than the gas it takes to get there, or spend a little (or a lot) less than what you would at a movie theater.

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