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Dad Sells Naming Rights For His Son For $100

What are they smoking in Florida? A radio show in Orlando was giving away a $100 gas card to the caller with the most interesting item to trade. Dad-to-be, David Partin, called into the show offering the naming rights to his unborn son.

The presenters declared him the winner, and his son is going to be named Dixon and Willoughby Partin with the “and” included, after the show’s presenters.

And the baby’s mom? I’d have given my son’s father a slap upside the head for this kind of thing, but David’s girlfriend, Samantha, who’s due at Christmas, said “Well, it was his choice,” and that “I’d told him that if it was a girl, I’d name her. And if it was a boy, he’d get to choose… I think he might hate David for a while. But after he grows up some, he’ll always have a story about his name. I always wanted that but never did with ‘Samantha.’ ”

I know your brain shrinks while pregnant, but come on, Samantha, Junior is going to hate you too. You are allowed to have an opinion. You have to sign the birth certificate, so don’t mess up your kid’s life for $100. I can think of several mean nicknames and I’m way, way older than a grade schooler.

And then, the story starts getting really twisted. David’s friends started offering him more money to out-bid the radio station and get the chance to name the baby (I’m With Stupid Partin?) So David and Samantha have offered naming rights to their son on the open market, hoping to get more money. Apparently they are hoping that companies will be throwing Benjamins at them for chance to name their son Econo Lube Partin or Pedigree Chum Partin.

Well, the economy is bad, and money’s tight, and a name is just a string of letters… woah, hold on. These people are insane.

And, David plans to get his son’s name tattooed on himself. If their kid does end up named Chuck e Cheese Partin, the lucky winner will get two adverts for one.

Hey, why not sell advertising space on the baby’s head too? Remember that woman who had a casino’s web address tattooed on her forehead?

I’m speechless. You too? Or would you care to comment on this story?

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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