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Are Little Girls’ Halloween Costumes Too Sexy?

On NBC’s Today Show, there is an article and a video raising a good point about today’s Halloween costumes for little girls. They point out, and quite accurately, that if you visit costume shops nowadays, you’ll find anything from fishnet stockings and gloves, midriff shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, and other too-mature outfits. The only reason they’re offered must be that there are parents who don’t object too them, right?

I think as parents, it is our duty to protect our children’s innocents, and protect our little girls from the over-sexualization that they will encounter in every nook and cranny of this world. Be it the influence of TV/movies, magazines and celebrities to entice them to grow up just a little to quick, or costumes that take them a step toward “sexiness”. I don’t think they’re harmless. According to the Today Show article: “Studies show that the over-sexualization of girls correlates with depression and eating disorders.”

The article goes on to say “I don’t suggest your daughter dress in a potato sack for Halloween. The holiday can be a fun opportunity to try on a new identity. It’s fine for kids to dress up crazy, funny or pretty. That doesn’t mean they need to be in-your-face sexy.”

I agree. What about you?

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