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73 Ideas to Spend Time With Your Family at Christmas

73 Ideas to Spend Time With Your Family at Christmas
by Patty Getz

xmasfamily.jpgChristmas is about so much more than presents and parties, and yet, each year, that is the focus that we as a society place on it. Christmas has become a stress for some, and financial hardship for others. Where there used to be a holiday, to celebrate Family, we have some how lost touch with our roots, and a meaningful soulful Christmas. Following is a list of of Ideas that cost little or no money, that you can do with your family this Christmas for a more meaningful Christmas. Set aside some time, and lets all get back to the basics of Christmas. Take this list, and let each family member choose one, and then set aside an evening, for each activity, you will be surprised and amazed how much this will Change your and your families outlook on Christmas.

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1. Make a popcorn Garland
2. Make garland with construction paper
3. Watch Christmas shows together with hot chocolate and popcorn
4. Make decorating the the tree a family event, serve hot chocolate and play Christmas music
5. Make your own Christmas cards to send to people
6. Go Christmas shopping at the the Dollar Store and donate to a charity for Christmas gifts
7. Donate clothes or toys for needy children
8. Make a snowman
9. Have a snowball fight
10. Make a ginger bread house out of graham crackers and what ever you have in the house
11. Paint Christmassy pictures on the windows with washable paint
12. Make a game out of hunting around the house, for things to make Christmas decorations out of
13. Build a fire, and have a slumber party with your kids
14. Bake and decorate cookies
15. Have a wrapping party
16. Plan to share a plate of goodies with any elderly or young parents in the neighborhood
17. Go caroling
18. Go for a drive and see who wins for the best lights in town — make an award for the winner and present it to them
19. Attend a live Nativity
20. Take a special drive at night to enjoy others Christmas lights
21. Invite your children’s friends over to make cards or gifts for their parents
22. Go collect pine cones and use them to make ornaments
23. Make bird treat with peanut butter and birdseed
24. Sing Christmas carols
25. Have the kids write and act out a Christmas play
26. Go to the library and borrow Christmas videos and books
27. Have a game night
28. Take a walk or drive around a neighborhood that has their houses all lit up and decorated
29. Shovel the snow for your elderly neighbors
30. Read one Christmas short story each night before bed
31. Write Christmas letter to all the relatives with the kids all telling what they have been up to in their own words
32. Go sledding (a personal favorite) and come back to the house for hot cider and hot chocolate (we do this and invite the kid’s friends to join us)
33. Take a picture of the kids in front of the Christmas tree, and make it a yearly tradition
34. Visit the local nursing home and present some of the residents with homemade Christmas cards
35. Do a random act of kindness for a neighbor that you know is sick or feeling down, like take them a plate of cookies or some homemade ornaments
36. Attend a church service together
37. Invite an older person/couple for a holiday meal

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