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6 Ideas for Keeping Baby Memories

6ideasbabymemories.jpgBabies grow and change so fast. When you least expect it, they suddenly aren?t babies anymore. Commemorate those early days of their life and beyond with these ideas.

  • Take monthly (or more) photos. Take a monthly photo on the date of your child?s birthday. Consider purchasing a plain 12 month sized onesie, and dress your son or daughter in it each time and take a picture. You?ll be amazed how he or she grows into it over his or her first year.
  • Share Photos. While you?re snapping away at your new arrival, it?s important to keep those photos organized. Keep a small photo album, sometimes referred to a ?brag book,? and insert the prints chronologically inside of it. Once it fills up, start a new album or move the photos to a larger album. You could also use a photo sharing Web site such as Kodak Gallery or Shutterfly to store photos and share them with friends and family members.
  • Make handprints. Kits are available at most craft supply stores with clay molds and easy instructions, or you can simply take a sheet of paper and trace your baby?s hand. Each month, trace his or her hand again, use a different color of ink to form multi-colored concentric handprints on the sheet.
  • Journal. A journal or diary, whether on paper or online in the form of a Web site or blog, can be a good way to record your thoughts and the details of each day with baby. Each night, jot down a few notes, such as what the day was like, what your baby did or what you did together, etc. It?ll be great fun for both you and your child to look back on!
  • Start a growth chart. Even if your baby isn?t yet standing up on his or her own, you can still mark baby?s length on a yardstick or with hash marks on the wall or door frame.
  • Keep a keepsake box. A keepsake box is a great resting place for hard-to-throw-out memories, such as baby and mom?s hospital bracelets, greeting cards, and the birth announcement. Toss them in a box and make sure to mark the year on it. When baby?s first birthday has arrived, start a new box for the next year.

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