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Designer Baby Clothes

If you have money to burn, you probably won’t relate to what I’m about to say. I, on the other hand, watch our family’s budget like a hawk and don’t really splurge all that often on extras unless there is a viable reason for it.

That being said, allow me to tell you about how perplexed I am about parents spending a ton of money on clothes for their babies. I don’t know about your babies, but mine always pooped, peed, or spit up on their clothes on a daily basis. There were some stains that never came out no matter what I did (who says breastmilk doesn’t stain?!), but it never really bothered me all that much because I didn’t spend a great deal of money on their clothes. In other words, if their clothes had come straight from the racks at Baby Gap or an even more expensive store I may have panicked every time one of my babies appeared inclined to stain something…which really, was all the time.

My babies? Most of their clothes came from Target or the sales racks of other stores. I even bought some clothes on e-Bay.

I don’t even wear designer clothes. I fully understand the desire to make sure your kids have more than you had growing up, but does a two month old really care what the label on her onesie says?

I think not.

Please tell me if I’m way off base here, but I just really don’t get it. Maybe when the kids are a little older – and the clothes last longer – will I want to buy the very best I can find for durability’s sake. For now, though, Target and JP Penney will continue to outfit my kids.

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