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5 Tips to Save Cash at the Grocery Store

5tipstosavestore.jpgWe’re all looking for a way to save a dime and grocery shopping is no different. You know not to go to the grocery store hungry, but did you know the most expensive items are placed at eye level? Companies pay premium placement prices to get you to grab their stuff.

The less expensive items are placed in inconvenient places – low on the shelves so you have to bend waaay over to get them. That little stretch will not only loosen up your ligaments, it’ll help stretch your dollar.

Make a list and stick to it. Impulse buys can kill a budget. Not to mention if you forget an item, it’s back to the store which means more gas and time.

Pay sharp attention to the checkout screen. Pricing errors happen and it can cost you cash. The Federal Trade Commission stated scanners accounted for 4.82 percent of all pricing errors.

Avoid the bakery until last. The smell of bread is yummy, yummy and makes you hungry, hungry so there you are – in the middle of a food oasis with all of your shopping ahead of you, including the cookie aisle! Hit the breads last and save yourself the agony.

End of the aisle displays. They say sale! sale! and they are really pretty. They are also some of the most expensive items. You’ll often find a better deal in the aisle.

A few simple tips to stretch your dollar – who doesn’t love that?

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