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Two Year Old Now Youngest Member of Mensa

Two Year Old Now Youngest Member of MensaThe UK is certainly showing its talent these days it seems. First Susan Boyle burned up the web after wowing judges on Britain’s Got Talent. Now a two-year-old girl has been named the youngest member of the high IQ society, Mensa. The little girl, Elise Tan Roberts is from Edmonton, North London. According to reports, an intelligence test put her in the top .2% in her age group in the UK.

Little Elise’s IQ score is a whopping 156, just a few points shy of super brain himself, Albert Einstein. Among her notable feats; she can count to ten in Spanish, identify different types of triangles, and she knows the alphabet. She can also name the city capitals of 35 places in the world and read the words ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy.’ Not bad at all for a two year old. In fact, Mensa has stated that she is an “exceptional child.”

The chief executive of Mensa, John Stevenage, was quoted as saying in an article online, “Elise’s parents correctly identified that she is an exceptional child. They now realize they have an interesting challenge on their hands as she grows up. We wish them well and look forward to seeing Elise develop in the coming years.”

Other talented toddlers in Mensa are Ben Woods and Georgia Brown. Little Ben was two-years and nine-months old when he joined in the 1990s. Two-year old Georgia became a member in 2007 with an IQ score of 152.

The question many may be asking is how much of this is influenced by the environment. Clearly some children are more gifted than others. I think though, that encouraging early communication, and reading to young children very early can help to stimulate their development. There are also products on the market right now which claim to help children learn to read before they even start kindergarten.

Clearly the parents of these children are faced with the challenge of keeping them on that path. I look forward to hearing more about them in the future. I do hope though that regardless of how bright they are, these children and others like them won’t be pressured into trying to learn too much. After all they are still just kids who need to do everything that kids do.

I hope that in developing countries, mechanisms will be developed for recognizing similarly talented children, and that that they will have access to an environment that will develop their abilities. Good luck brining out the best in your own little geniuses.

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