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Hey big spender

bigspender.jpgSo a story today says that advertisers need to do a better job marketing to moms. Apparently, we spend about $2.1 trillion a year, or about 15% of the entire U.S. economy. (And I can believe that, based on my average weekly shopping trip to Target.) The article says advertisers can do this by using ‘mom’ language; placing ads in magazines, and increasingly, on the Web; offering quality service; and offering products that make life easier and promote family welfare. And even though I don’t need any more advertising in my life (it’s bad enough that when my kid sees an ad, for anything, his first two questions are ‘Do we have that?’ and ‘Can we get that?’ Seriously, even for household cleaner.) I can see how I would totally be a sucker for something that was marketed in the above ‘mom’ fashion. Especially toys, we bought a lot of books for Christmas gifts this year because I was leery of toy safety with a teething (read: everything goes in the mouth) baby.
But above the marketing of products to moms, I’d like to have the actual buying experience tailored to us, too. For instance, premium parking spots for pregnant moms are nice, but let’s go a step further: Devote some more nice spots to moms with more than one kid to tow along on errands, complete with a rack that holds the special shopping carts to carry two kids. And more antiseptic wipe holders, please, for the times I forget the cart cover. Clearly marked (and CLEAN) bathrooms would be a plus. And God bless my local Barnes and Noble for installing a Thomas the Train set to keep my son occupied while I pick out books. Now if they had a little baby play area at Target where someone watches kids while we shop, I would be in heaven. It’s no accident that, now that I have two kids, I did most of my holiday shopping online.

Do you think advertisers could do a better job marketing to moms? What would you like to see? And what do you think is ‘mom’ language anyway?

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