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A Complaint Free World

acomplaintfreeworld.jpgSome time ago I borrowed a book entitled A Complaint Free World from my local library. Basically the book was saying that if we stopped complaining we would be much happier. On the strength of this I looked at their website and ordered some of their wristbands. The principle behind the wristbands is that each time you catch yourself gossiping or complaining, you swap the band to the other wrist. In the end you will stop gossiping and complaining and your life will be much better for it. The target is 21 days without complaining, because the theory is that it takes 21 days to break a habit and complaining is only a habit.I didn?t consider myself to be someone who moans a lot, so I was very surprised when I realized how much I do complain. I must admit that I am a long way off 21 days but I keep trying and I will get there in the end!!

The concept behind the bracelets is the fact that we create our world through the way we talk and think. This is becoming more and more understood and appreciated. When we are negative about life we attract increasing amounts of negative things into it. When we are positive we attract increasing amounts of positive things into it. You will find that as you complain less, the people around you will complain less too, you only really follow each other.

This was all started by the author of the book, Will Bowen, who is the lead minister at Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, MO. One day he handed out purple bracelets and suggested that his congregation used them to minimize their complaining. This idea went from strength to strength and now there are over 5 million bracelets out there, worn by people in over 80 countries who are doing their best to be positive.

The website sells the bracelets very cheaply since they are out to spread the word rather than to make a lot of money. There is a Complaint Free Kids curriculum that can be downloaded free of charge which will be of interest to teachers and those home schooling. As well as being in schools, the bracelets are to be found in hospitals, prisons, drug rehab centers, Girl Scout troops, Boy Scout troops, and other not-for-profits around the world.

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