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5 Things I Hate and Love About Being a Student Mom

I’m going to school right now to pursue another degree. I’m one of those whom statistics cite as changing their field of career at least once within their lifetime. With that comes a lot of sacrifice, juggling of schedules, and many other unique stressors that accompany being a “student mom”.

5 Things I Hate:

  • Having to ignore my daughter’s pleas to play while I’m working on a paper, researching an assignment, or working on assignments at the home computer.
  • Hearing my daughter and husband (with whom I already don’t spend enough time) playing just outside the door, and unable to join them.
  • Hearing my young, single classmates taking everything for granted, and foregoing a good grade to party, while I’m here making sacrifice after sacrifice.
  • Having only one income.

5 Things I Love:

  • Stimulating my brains. I’m definitely recovering the “mommy brain” I had for a while after my daughter was born.
  • Being a good example to my daughter of someone who can sacrifice money and comfort to pursue one’s dream. And get an A at the same time!
  • Having a flexible enough school schedule that I am still available a few days of the week to take my daughter to the park and play areas, and to run other errands.
  • Having adult interaction with people who have the same pursuits I do, and some of them are other mommies too!
  • Being among the younger students in my class, the ones who are responsible, who infuse me with vigor.

It’s tough being a student mom. But I’m also confident that I’m doing something worthwhile and fulfilling. In several years, once I’ve graduated, we’ll look back on this and see it as a character-building experience.

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