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Why Do Kids Snore?

whydokidsnore.jpg?He sounds just like his grandpa? said my husband

?And his dad,? I added.

One of my boys is snoring sometimes so I took the time to do some research on this topic. It has always been thought that snoring occurs in adults only, especially those beyond 40. A recent report in the European Respiratory Journal shows that snoring is becoming widespread among small children. Swiss researchers studied snoring in 6811 kids and found that it is more common than previously thought. And it gets worse with age. Incidence in 1-year-olds is 6.6%; in 4-year-olds it`s 13.0%. A third of these cases can actually be prevented now that researchers are getting to know the causes.

Snoring is closely linked to complex health problems, including sleeping disorders, throat and ear infections, and respiratory problems. However, other environmental factors have been associated with preschoolers becoming ?habitual snorers?, as follows:

? Passive or second-hand smoking
? Exposure to traffic-related pollution
? Socio-economic problems in the family

So actually, snoring in kids shouldn`t be simply ignored or treated as a joke. It could actually have some serious health and environmental implications.

We have a fairly stable family situation, neither I nor my husband smokes, and we live in the suburbs away from heavy traffic. My son has asthma though, so this probably explains his snoring.

Parents of snoring kids are advised to take the matter seriously and talk to their doctors about it. I certainly will next time we see our pediatrician.


MedWire News, 29 January 2008

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