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When Everything Goes…Right

When Everything Goes...RightMy son had hie ear tube surgery this morning. It was the third surgery he has been through, and considering he’s not even four yet that’s a pretty big deal. His first surgery was to put ear tubes in and remove his adenoids, the second surgery was to remove the ear tubes and do a skin graft onto his ear drum, and today’s was to put a tube back into one of his ears. I was really reluctant to do it and was afraid that his Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist was being alarmist, but when he had his pre-surgery appointment with his primary physician the doctor took one look in his ear and said, “Oh yeah, surgery is the right decision.”

I had hoped to avoid anything like this while my husband is away on his military tour, but I couldn’t delay it anymore because my son’s hearing was starting to get affected. I went into this whole thing with a laundry list of problems that could go wrong. Remember that I’ve been through this with my son twice before so I knew the physical toll it could take on him, so I was bracing myself for the worst case scenario for everything. Well, maybe not the worst case, but I was prepared to deal with a lot of problems as a result of the surgery.

Sometimes, however, everything goes just right and parents are rewarded with best case scenarios.

I was afraid that finding someone to take my daughter for the day would be a big hassle, but my neighbor down the street who is moving in a week graciously offered to put her packing on hold for the day and take my daughter. She didn’t just watch her either; she took her to the park and out to lunch and made it a very special day for her.

My son remembered his last surgery and was not happy about it, so I waited until yesterday to mention that he would have surgery today. I was ready for him to freak out, but instead he started talking about the play room at the hospital and how he couldn’t wait to play with all the toys.

My son had to abstain from food or water starting at midnight last night. Since he’s the kind of kid who wakes up looking for his cup of orange juice, I was afraid he would be begging for something to drink. Instead, he didn’t mention anything and the surgery clinic actually called to ask if he could come in earlier, so that was less time he spent hungry and thirsty.

When it came time for him to go into surgery, I was afraid he would put up a struggle and cry for me like last time, but this time he was wheeled away without a protest.

The last time he returned from surgery he was distraught and inconsolable. He cried and whimpered and pushed against me for a good half hour or so, but today he came back into the room smiling, sitting up, and showing me the stuffed doll the surgery team had given him in the recovery room.

The last two surgeries he had, he was groggy and in pain for a few hours after the operation was complete. Today, he was actually up and dancing around in his hospital room. His appetite was raging so we went to lunch together and he was in good spirits.

As a parent, I usually brace myself for everything to go wrong and for things to be as difficult as possible. Once in a while I’m blessed with a day when everything actually goes smoothly. By the way, my son is napping comfortably on the couch while I type this, and he usually doesn’t nap anymore. What more could a mom ask for?

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