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Weight watching, Sleep watching

weightwatchingsleepwatching.jpgSleep, blessed sleep. We definitely need to have enough. We all know what sleep deprivation feels like. But can too much of a good thing ? such as sleep ? turn bad? Apparently, yes, it goes both ways. Too little or too much sleep can result in health problems ? such as extra pounds that we don`t want or need.

A Canadian study studied the sleeping habits of 276 people over 6 years categorized into:

? Short sleepers (5 to 6 hours per night)
? Long sleepers (9 to 10 hours per night)
? Average sleepers (7 to 8 hours per might)

And their results:

? 35% of short sleepers are more likely to gain weight (about 11 lbs) than average sleepers.
? 25% of long sleepers gain the same number of pounds compared to average sleepers.
? Short sleepers add 124% more body fat and 58% around the waist than average sleepers.

The link between sleep and weight gain is due to fluctuating hormone levels.

Americans are sleeping less and less compared to 40 years ago. This trend, coupled with others research studies, indicates that sleep can be a contributing factor in the increasing rate of obesity.

No wonder I couldn`t get rid of those extra pregnancy pounds. I wasn`t just getting enough sleep!

Source: 1 April 2008

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