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Watch what you are eating! it’s weekend

Do we fast during the week and feast on weekends?

We all know how holidays – Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving for Americans – lead to feasting – and extra pounds. This new study shows that we tend to feast and gain weight on weekends as well. True, we tend to lose what we have gained when we start out on our regular weekly routine on Mondays. But we don’t lose all – and these extra pounds tend to add up! And Saturday seems to be a really a bad day for those watching calories.

Maybe there is some truth to this – at least in my case. During the week, it’s cereals for breakfast, warm lunch at the office/school cafeteria and cold supper of bread, cheese, and veggie cuts.

Now, weekend is a different thing. Weekend is the time when I have the time to bake and cook for my family – unless we are eating out. Weekend is the time when we can have brunch and then treat ourselves to 3-course (usually home-made) dinner plus dessert and a glass of wine. Yes, we feast on weekends. But then weekend is also the time when we do the most exercise. My husband and I take turns to go jogging, the whole family goes on mountain walks and cycling tours. And weekend is the time to relax, hang out, and enjoy family life.

I love weekends – European weekends. When I was growing up in Asia, weekend was just one day – Sunday – when Mom and Dad didn’t have to work, when we had to go to church, do chores, and go grocery shopping. Whatever time we had left, we used for visiting. Now, as an adopted (and adapted) European, I love the European way of enjoying life on weekends.

But what about the extra pounds?

Well, I and my family will continue to enjoy our weekends. We know the importance of a healthy lifestyle – and it’s not about counting calories or pounds. It’s about eating healthy food (most of the time), doing exercise, getting rid of stress, and being happy. It’s about having a life.

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