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US-Based Airlines Asking Customers to Help Stem Increasing Oil Prices

Unbelievable as it may sound, a number of US-based airlines are asking passengers to help them get Congress to start doing something about spiralling oil prices. A letter published online, with the subject heading, ?You Can Help Keep Travel Affordable? directs people to the website, On the site is an email that you can send to Congress. All you would need to do is sign it and fill in the requested information such as your full name and address, and it goes to the Congressman or woman in your state based on your zip code.

The letter is editable, so you can add your own voice to it if you want to. The essence of the letter explains what speculation is and how it is affecting Americans, and drives home the issue of heating for the upcoming winter months. It also lists five (5) key areas where Congress can take control over the speculation issue and so get oil prices lower.

Oil speculation is the buying and selling of oil for the sole purpose of pushing the price of the product higher. Speculators do not use the oil themselves, but by influencing supply and demand they artificially keep the price per barrel of the precious fuel artificially high.

The airlines involved in the lobby effort are: AirTran, Alaska, American, Continental, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, United and US Airways.

Consumers are divided about this call to action. Some feel that the airlines are taking customers for granted and are just using them for their own purposes. Those up in arms claims that the airlines were involved in oil speculation themselves at the beginning of the crisis. Others see this as good thing and are letting their voices be heard in this letter writing campaign.

So where do you stand? Will you be writing a letter today or do you believe that the airlines are just looking out for themselves? As for me ? I am still straddling the fence, since both sides of the issue seem to be true.

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