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Three of a kind plus one make a foursome

Wow! Four babies in one go, three of them identical.

This is a very rare occurrence. Quadruplets as such are not that common. The chances of having spontaneous quadruplets amount to 1 in 729,000. The odds of having multiples have increased in recent years due to fertility treatment. In 2005, 485 quadruplet births were recorded, according to the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs. But such a 3 plus 1 set of quadruplets is extremely rare. Less than 100 cases have been documented in the US since

The babies were born to a couple in Belcamp, Md last January 29 through assisted reproduction. Two embryos were implanted in the mother’s womb. Both were viable but one even went further and split to produce three more viable embryos, resulting in 4 babies.

As mom of twin boys, I have some idea of the amount of work involved with multiples. I’m sure that taking care of 4 babies seems like a daunting task for the parents. However, help is given to those who need it. Nowadays, there are many organizations and institutions who are there to provide assistance to parents of multiples.


AOL News, 18 April 2008

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