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The Mom of the Year Award goes to…

The Mom of the Year Award goes to...Here’s one of the coolest ways of showing your mom (or sisters, relatives, and friends who are mommies for that matter) your appreciation on Mother’s Day. Make her The Mother of the Year for a day! at cnnbcvideo has set up this cool, to-be-customized video clip. Brush shoulders with the rich and famous. Get your own fan club and a book contract. Have George Clooney ask you for an autograph. Get a “big thank you for an often thankless job” from US President Barack Obama himself!

You can send the video to several mommies at the same time. I’ve just sent off my 3rd batch of Mother of the Year Awards video. And because I felt like it, I also sent one to myself.

On a more somber note, this is the first year that I won’t have a mom to call on Mother’s Day. We lost her last August. I miss her and I wish I can send her this video.

It is really a strange feeling. I am a mommy now myself but it seems no matter how old I get and how many children I have, I still need your own mommy. Perhaps for always.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there.

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