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The Breastfeeding Baby Doll

The Breastfeeding Baby DollAs a little girl, my ultimate dream was having a doll that could walk. I can’t remember when Santa Claus finally granted my wish but yes, I eventually got my walking doll. Since then, the whole toy industry has rapidly undergone a revolution, with dolls which can talk, cry, sing, dance, drink and do anything else that is close to a little girl’s heart. Anything that technology can do.

Thus, it is not surprising that somebody came up with a breastfeeding doll. Meet Bebe Gloton, the creation of the Spanish toy company Berjuan, the company that makes Munecas con Corazon (Dolls with Hearts). Bebe Gloton translates as “Greedy Baby” in English and it definitely tries its best to simulate one.

Here is how Bebe Gloton works:

It comes with a bra-like halter that “mommy-child” can wear. Two flowers represent the nipples. The doll latches on to the flower and make suckling sounds (“chup, chup, chup”). After feeding, the baby needs to be burped to stop its crying.

It is also not surprising that such a toy can trigger strong reactions both negative as well as positive. Here’s what parents have to say about Baby Gloton:

Positive Opinion of the Breastfeeding Doll

Bebe Gloton encourages the natural process of breastfeeding. Some parents think that many women are uncomfortable with breastfeeding, especially in the public. They feel that incorporating breastfeeding in a child’s play can help girls get used to the natural process early in life. Indeed, that is how the toy company is promoting the product – the first step towards breastfeeding.

Negative Opinion of the Breastfeeding Doll

Bebe Gloton is inappropriate, and promotes sexualization of little girls and the act breastfeeding. While many parents believe breastfeeding is a natural process, they feel it is inappropriate to allow young girls to mimic it. Breastfeeding is for adults only and such a toy is absolutely age (not to mention socially) inappropriate.

The doll is quite life-sized, like the average size of a real new-born baby (19.6 inches) and is available either as boy or a girl. It costs about 44 Euros and is currently only available in Spain. It goes without saying that there is a whole collection of wardrobe and accessories available for Bebe Gloton.

I am all for breastfeeding but I don’t really believe that the company is simply doing this to promote the natural process of lactation. In the end, it’s all about making money. However, I also do not believe that Bebe Gloton can lead to sexualization. It’s just a doll.

What do you think?

What is your opinion about the Bebe Gloton brestfeeding doll?

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