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Start Them Young: Exercise Strengthens Kids`Bones

In many things in life, starting early gives the best results. This holds true for physical exercise as well. Exercise builds bone strength and the best results are seen when you start at a young age ? the time when skeletal growth and development is going on. Studies found that exercise that involves weight-bearing and mechanical loading such as walking, running or jumping has great effects on growing bones – much better in fact, than non-weight-bearing activities like swimming and cycling. Regular weight-bearing activities enhance growth of new bones, improve bone strength and bone mass. A healthy bone mass lowers the risk for osteoporosis and osteopenia.

In a previous post, I listed several strategies on how to keep kids active and moving and I`m happy to see upon reading this report that, indeed, my kids are ? moving? in the right direction.

On the other hand, we shouldn`t overdo it and overchallenge our kids with high strenuous activities like serious weight-lifting or endurance sports. Such exercises can overload growing joints and stunt bone growth. This, in turn, can affect overall growth of limbs and height development.


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