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Recession: are we cutting down on the wrong things?

Recession: are we cutting down on the wrong things?Surprise! Surprise! It’s lean times but we are actually getting fat! This is because we may be cutting down on the wrong things. A survey conducted by the American Heart Association is showing a troubling trend, people are skimping on healthy activities due to the bad economy! Let’s check out what we are doing wrong:

People are eating worse.
It seems that more and more people are cutting down on fresh fruit and vegetables. Cheap, fast but filling food such as chips, fries, burgers, and 1-minute noodle soups are becoming more popular.

People are cutting down on health care.
Many families are cutting down on medical bills by avoiding visits to the doctor or dentist, even for children. Some people are delaying screening and check ups and even skip taking medications!

People are doing less exercise.
Many of those who used to go the gym or sports club have had to cancel their memberships. Bye, bye exercise.

People are getting less sleep.
Let’s face it. Many people have to work longer hours to make ends meet especially in families which have to make do with one income instead of two.

People are having more stress, but less relaxation.
The travel and tourism industry is suffering as more and more people are cutting costs by foregoing vacation. However, the old adage about all work and no play not being good for our health is applicable now more than ever. Go for recession-friendly holiday activities and destinations. Take a break on the weekends.

All these can actually contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure and poor heart health. The end result is poor physical and mental health outcomes.

However, the economic downturn does have its upsides. This should be the biggest chance for people to break some bad habits.

Quit smoking.
Cut down on smoking and save money.

Eat out less.
Home-cooked meals are definitely better than any fast food meal. Most of the time, at least. This can be your chance to lose a few pounds!

Drink less alcohol.
While a little bit of alcohol may not hurt, excessive consumption is bad for our health. Alcoholic drinks are calorie-rich and binge drinking is hard on the body and wallet!

It seems that the current economic problems are forcing people to cut down on a lot of things. To survive this recession, we should learn to prioritize and cut down on things which are bad for our health but still allocate for things that are essential for good health. Remember, there are things that we just can’t put on hold and our health is on top of the list.

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