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Pregnant man is pregnant again

On June 29, 2008, the world?s first ?pregnant man? gave birth to a baby girl. Ever since then, Thomas, Nancy, and Susan Beatie have lived in seclusion, refusing media appearances, and quite a bit of money, in order to be a normal family. But in Thomas?s own words, “Hiding a pregnant man is like hiding an 800-pound gorilla.” And now that the couple is expecting their second child, they decided to speak with Barbara Walters.

Once a teen model and beauty queen (as a finalist for Miss Teen Hawaii USA), Tracy never felt comfortable in her body. Beginning in 1998, she underwent gender transformation. First she took injections of testosterone, then she had her breasts removed. Though she never had phalloplasty (surgery to create male genitalia), nor had her female reproductive organs removed, Tracy was legally declared male, and changed her name to Thomas.

In 2003, Thomas married his long-time partner Nancy. And soon, as with many couples, they decided to have a baby. Since Nancy had had a hysterectomy, the couple decided that Thomas was the best surrogate they could possibly have. Although they were rejected by nine doctors for fertility treatment, the couple managed to inseminate Thomas without medical assistance, using donor sperm and an animal syringe.

After the delivery, the Beaties faced unusual issues when it came to identifying the baby?s parents on her birth certificate. But despite the challenges, and a few death threats, Thomas stayed off of testosterone so they could conceive again. Now in his first trimester, Thomas says he is healthy and feels good. The baby is due next June. Their announcement of baby #2 coincides with the release of Thomas?s book Labor of Love.

This is a weird one for me to wrap my brain around. Of course, it?s difficult for me to truly consider anyone male without a Y-chromosome. So in that respect, ?he? is really just a pregnant woman. Yet the state where they live recognizes Thomas as legally male, and their marriage as heterosexual. It just happens that Dad carried and delivered the baby. The Beaties insist they are a normal family. What do you think?

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