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Ordinary Household Things can be Toxic

ordinaryhouseholdtoxic.jpgDo you know that your non-stick cookware, food wrappers and even carpets maybe harmful to your family?s health? It is reported worldwide that teflon cookware, non-stick packaging materials like candy bar wrappers, pizza boxes, paper plates, etc. and even ?stain-resistant? carpets contain a toxic chemical called Perflurooctanoic Acid (PFOA). PFOA is used in the production of teflon and telomers which are used to make stain- and grease- repellent coatings for fast food containers, clothing and other household products.

Research showed that 95% of American men, women and children have PFOA in their blood although it is not certain how the chemical has made it there. PFOA was also implicated with low birth weights in newborn babies, different types of cancer, miscarriage, weight loss and many other health problems. PFOA is even reported to be present in wildlife in different parts of the world. However, DuPont Corporation which is the major manufacturer of teflon and telomers claims that PFOA is not present in their products since the chemical is only used in the manufacturing process. They also claim that PFOA is not harmful to human health.

The use of PFOA is not regulated at present so nobody can stop the manufacturer from using it. In order to protect your family from harm, it is suggested to use alternative cooking wares like glassware, stoneware and enamel-coated cast iron. It is also good to avoid food products with non-stick packaging materials that contain teflon.


Straight to the Source, February 14, 2008

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