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Never say die

neversaydie.jpgIn ?Jurassic Park?, the innovative scientist and founder of the fabled dinosaur island tells unbelieving scientists, ?Life always finds a way.? The same line could have been uttered by Trudi Siviter, a woman with only half an ovary who had all but given up hope of ever having a child after 2 ectopic pregnancies and 3 failed in-vitro fertilization attempts. She had suffered cancer as a teen which left her with only part of her left ovary still functioning. On December 7, 2007, 39-year old Siviter gave birth to Alfie. ?Our little miracle? is how she and husband Christopher described Alfie, who was born 1 month premature, weighing 3 pounds and 8 ounces, pronounced to be in the pink of health by his doctors.

The Daily Mail has reported that 3 months before she found out she was pregnant, Siviter had decided to have a hysterectomy. “It’s one of God’s little miracles that she has given birth to baby Alfie ? he has found his way around so many obstacles,” obstetrician Karen Powell, who has been treating Siviter for three years, told the Daily Mail. “It just goes to show we can never say never.”

It?s a good thing Mama never threw in the towel, or we couldn?t ask, what?s it all about, Alfie?

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