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Naps Can Improve Your Memory

napsimprovememory.jpgGood news, sleepy heads. Sleeping during the day may not be a waste of time after all.
According to the latest study by researchers at the Harvard Medical School, daytime sleep may actually improve your memory performance.

The study was participated by 11 men and 22 women with an average age of 23.3 years old. All participants were given a memory task which lasted for about 45 minutes. Half of the group was then allowed to sleep while the remaining half stayed awake. The participants were then retested 3 hours later. Findings showed that participants who had taken a nap had retained more information and fared much better during the retest compared to those who did not sleep. It seems that sleep can improve a person`s memory performance up to a certain threshold. Memory retention only works for information we learn and acquire well when we?re awake.

Nowadays, taking so-called ?power naps? in the workplace is acceptable, even encouraged, especially after lunch. These naps seem to improve employees` productivity and performance.


American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 1 Feb 2008

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