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Midwives: Backlash Against Eating More Can Produce Boys Survey

last week, we covered the recent studies from UK universities that claim diet affects babies gender. In a nutshell, the studies report that high-calorie diets seemed to produce boys, and lower calorie diets produce girls.

Louise Silverton, Deputy General Secretary of The Royal College of Midwives in the United Kingdom, warns women trying to conceive that altering their diet can have serious consequences. It’s long been known that the diet of mothers before and during pregnancy has long-term effects on their health, and the health of their baby. In particular, midwives are concerned that mothers might reduce the nutrients in their diet to try to conceive girls, or overeat unhealthy foods to try to conceive a boy.

There’s no way to guarantee a boy or a girl, except having a “boy” or a “girl” sperm chosen during IVF, which is illegal in many countries except for avoiding gender-dependent diseases.

You can increase your odds of getting a boy or a girl with methods like the Shettles method, the theory involves timing intercourse relative to ovulation. There’s a whole book devoted to the theory, which is based on sound scientific reasoning. But again, it’s no guarantee of a girl or a boy, just an increase in the odds of getting the gender you want.

Getting your man to wear very tight underpants is also reputed to increase the chance of a girl. Extra-tighty whities mean less sperm, and men with low sperm counts tend to father girls. But your husband or boyfriend may veto this idea!

So the bottom line is, without medical intervention, you can’t guarantee a boy or a girl. So don’t follow some weird diet to try to get one or the other. I was very anti-boy before I got pregnant, and guess what – my baby was a boy. I knew I needed to deal with the fact I could be having a girl, and every mom needs to be open to having a girl or a boy as early as possible. Here’s how I got my head around having the “wrong” gender.

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