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Mercury in vaccines: why it CAN NOT cause autism

mercuryinvaccinesautism.jpgRemember Julie Fletcher`s post about the link between autism and mercury? Here `s a study that supports her urge to ?get over it.?

Thimerosal is a mercury-containing substance used as a preservative for vaccines. It was feared that vaccination can actually cause mercury-related disorders including autism. That`s why since 1999, thimerosal was banned from childhood vaccines in the US.

This study followed up 216 babies in Argentina, where thimerosal is still being used in kids. Their results show that children`s bodies actually get rid of ethyl mercury ? the kind found in thimerosal ? very fast. The half-life? the time it takes for the body to get rid of 50% of the substance ? of ethyl mercury in these kids is 3.7 days. The half-life of the dreaded methyl mercury that`s found in contaminated fish is 44 days ? about 12 times more! The fast elimination rate of mercury from thimerosal prevents the build up of this substance and makes it unlikely to cause autism. In fact, the incidence of autism has continued to increase despite removal of thimerosal from children`s vaccines.

These results are actually good news because there is no need to change the manufacturing process of childhood vaccines, thus making them cheaply available to children in less developed countries.


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