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Just as I Thought: I Know Nothing

When my first baby was born I only knew what I had read in books. I’d never really had much exposure to newborns and babies because I was the youngest kid in my family. After I came home from the hospital I was amazed at how little I knew and how there was a lot of trial and error involved with the whole process of being a mommy.

Sometimes I would think to myself, “Are all new parents as clueless as I am?”

It turns out that yes, plenty of new parents don’t know a lot about babies and their development. In a study recently presented to the U.S. Pediatric Academic Society, researchers make the claim that a surprising number of new parents don’t know all that much about what to expect from their babies, and what to do to make sure the babies develop as they should.

This doesn’t surprise me much because it’s not like it’s knowledge we instinctively have. The only reason I knew what I did about my baby was from all the books I had read. That’s the thing that surprised me about this study: With so many baby development books available, how is it possible to remain relatively clueless about infant development? I know some people don’t bother to read the books, but why wouldn’t they?

You might think that you’ll just naturally know what to expect with your baby, but I’ll be the first to admit that I was flipping through my What to Expect the First Year book nearly every day in an attempt to figure stuff out. It’s a good idea to read up on these things as much as you can because the knowledge will help you be a better parent and will help you give your baby what he or she needs with regards to physical and mental stimulation.

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