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Insomnia and Mobile Phone: Is there a Link?

insomniamobilelink.jpgAre you electrosensitive? If you are, then you shouldn`t be using a mobile phone close to your bedtime. Results of a study by American and Swedish researchers show that mobile phone use can cause symptoms such as headaches and sleeping disturbances. This was based on a study of a group of 35 men and 36 women who were asked to report any symptoms they experience after exposure to electromagnetic resonance (EMR). However, only about half of the group got real EMR exposure while the other half were actually exposed to “sham” signals. The group exposed to EMR reported more mobile phone-related symptoms. The deep phases of sleep are especially affected [1].

Over the years, the effects of EMR from cell phones and their base stations have been a great source of controversy. There are conflicting research findings about the adverse health effects of EMR. A study by the UK Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme (MTHRP) reported last year that there is no short-term risk to the brain due to use of mobile phone. However, there have also been reports of possible cancer risks from mobile phone masts and antenna. The current study was funded by Mobile Manufacturers Forum [2].


1. Arnetz et al. 2007. The Effects of 884 MHz GSM Wireless Communication Signals on Self-reported Symptom and Sleep (EEG)- An Experimental Provocation Study. Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium. Online Vol. 3 No. 7 2007 pp: 1148-1150.

2. BBC News 21 Jan 2008

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