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Increase in cup size: good news or bad news?

increaseinbranews.jpgWhen it comes to cup size, bigger is better. Or is it?
According to a report in the Daily Mail, the average bra size in the UK has gone up ‘er’ forward from 34B to 36C during the last 10 years. Manufacturers are now selling more bras with cup D than before and have expanded their cup size range up to cup K.

Good news or bad news?
Well, let’s look at the possible reasons and then decide:
– Cosmetic surgery. More and more women are opting for breast enlargement surgery.
– Obesity. The surge of weight problems in women is also one factor in cup size increase.
– Hormone replacement therapy after menopause. This therapy uses estrogen to help ease menopausal symptoms. However, estrogen stimulates breast development.
– Cosmetics. Cosmetics, especially lipstick, contain xeno-estrogens, substances which mimic the effects of estrogen. They, too, stimulate the development of mammary tissue.
– Bad nutrition. Bad diet, including alcohol and sugar creates fat – fat which can also be deposited up front.
– Physical exercise. Now, this is something positive for a change. Women who exercise regularly develop stronger pectoral muscles which contribute to bust size.

These don’t look good at all. But worse news is still to come. Some of these reasons are also risk factors for breast cancer. Estrogen is a well-known breast cancer risk factor. So are xeno-estrogens. Excess body fat is also known to increase cancer risk.

So now you decide. Cup sizes are increasing. Many people, both men and women, may think this is great. What do you think?


Daily Mail, 23 Jan 2008

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