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Google Maps Street View: Good or Bad?

This is so weird. You type in an address and you get a picture. Of the house. Of the garage and the front yard. Of the driveway. Of the cars parked in the driveway. Or sometimes the people on the driveway. I am referring to the latest feature of google maps – the street view – which provide 360-degree panoramic views at street levels (not aerial!) complete with zooming features. Initially available only for addresses in the US, it has now added Australia and New Zealand to its database. More and more countries will be added soon.

On the one hand it’s cool, innovative technology. On the other hand, it’s a bit scary. “A stalker’s dream”, a friend said.

I mean, don’t you feel so exposed that anybody can just check out where you and your family live?

Go on. Try it out. Go to google. Click on maps. Enter your address. What do you see?

Do you think there should be privacy laws regulating such a free, available-to-everybody service? Do you think it is irresponsible of google to offer such a feature?

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