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FDA injunction against food companies due to misleading labels

fdainjunctionagainstlabels.jpgDo you judge food products by what`s written on their labels? Apparently many consumers do, pushing some companies to place misleading information on products labels, much to the dismay of regulatory bodies.

The US FDA has recently filed a permanent injunction against two food manufacturers to stop have misleading labels on their products. Brownwood Acres Foods Inc. and Cherry Capital Services Inc. (aka Flavonoid Sciences), producers of fruits juices, fruit capsules, and fruit bars have placed unfounded claims that their products can ?cure, treat, mitigate or prevent diseases.? These claims can be found on their product labels, advertisements, and websites.

With people getting more and more health conscious these days, companies are using ?healthy messages? to convince consumers of the health benefits of their products. While some of these health claims may be true, such claims have first to be confirmed and authorized by regulatory bodies such as the FDA. Without proper regulations, it can turn into a free-for-all say-what-want kind of thing, without regard for the consumers` well-being.


FDA News, 22 Feb 2008

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