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Exposing a 3 year old to the Olympics

Seeing as though the Summer Olympics comes around every four years, I believe it is important to watch them actively each time. Admittedly, I haven’t watched as much as I have in the past, but this is due to the fact that I have a child now and don’t want to sit glued to the television all day long, which is topic for another post in itself!

This is my daughter’s first exposure to the Olympics and I am very excited to share the experience with her. I remember being so excited to watch the Olympics as a child. I always felt so inspired by the commitment of the athletes. The Olympians truly are role models to children and adults alike. We can learn so much from their dedication, commitment, focus, strength and personal goals.

I am enjoying watching my daughter during her exposure to the Olympics. Her little mind is learning so many new concepts like the different countries and flags, exposure to sports and competition and winning medals.

What I am finding most interesting is how she is soaking in all of the information. This afternoon, we were outside playing and she wanted to enter a “skipping competition”. I was to be the judge and hand out the “prizes” when SHE won–every.single.time! Then she did mention the word participation, but she still expected a prize. Clearly, we still have a far way to go when explaining games, sports, sportsmanship and playing for more reasons than to win! Time and more exposure will certainly help her in this area of understanding.

It is fun watching the Olympics with a three year old, but it can be frustrating at times as well.

My daughter hasn’t grasped the concept that when other people are in the room, she should be careful where she stands to see the television. She usually chooses her spot right in front of the television every time she stops to take a look. Her constant questions also make it is difficult to enjoy or focus on the events as an adult. I have learned that my personal enjoyment from the Olympics comes at night after she goes to bed and any daytime viewing that we may do together is purely for her, her enjoyment and her “education”. Since the Olympics started, I don’t think there has been a night where I have made it to bed at my usual bedtime.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do love watching the Olympics with my daughter. I am very happy that she is interested in watching them me.

Are your children interested in watching the Olympics?

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