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Ever wondered about Technorati?

What it is

I?m sure that like me there are many other Internet users who have no idea what Technorati is. So what exactly is ?Technorati?? It is a search engine dedicated to searching blogs much like Google, MSN and Yahoo searches for online content.

Technorati is constantly searching the Web for fresh content and is used to find out what is being said about your content, Web site, blog, company and just about anything that interests you. So it keeps you informed with current information on blogs, politics, movies ? you name it, once there is a blog, it?s covered.

As Technorati grows so do its functions, as it now helps blog writers to know what others are saying about their blogs. It enables bloggers and readers to connect so it is also a great social networking medium.

How Does it Work?

Each time a blog that Technorati indexes adds new content, a ping is sent to Technoirati along with some or all of the tags used. This allows Technorati to provide search results in real time, that is, as it happens.

Why Participate in Technorati?

Participation in Technorati helps to drive web traffic to weblogs or as we know them, blogs. As stated above, Technorati has the pulse of the blog world covered, so by participating you are driving traffic to your site or blog, while keeping abreast what your competitors are up to.

How to use Technorati?

To get the best out of Technorati whether you are a blog writer or a reader you can do any of the following things:

    Make sure to include tags to your blog entries if you want to be found and indexed by Technorati. The search engine uses tags to categorize blog entries and then lists the most current entries first – now you know why tags are so important to blogging success.
    Subscribe to tags feeds so that you are alerted each time a topic you care about is uploaded to the Internet. Many blog writers and other types of writers use Technorati in this way to get fresh ideas or topics to write about.
    It can be used to search blogs you are addicted to, that is, if the current happenings leading up to the November general election in the USA is your thing, use Technorati to track all discussions about the elections.
    It can be used to help identify which blogs are linked to which sites. This information can result in link building. The information gained can also help you write and maintain a better blog as you learn from those blogs that are drawing respectable link backs. Link backs refer to incoming ‘links’ to a page or website that you are currently viewing.
    Signing up for Technorati can be a big traffic booster for new blogs. This enables bloggers to find out who is actually linking to topics you are interested in or actually linking to your topic.

Adding Your Favorite Blogs

Technorati is fairly easy to use and all you need to do is sign up and get an account. Once you have an account you can add your favorite blogs such as Getting an account is just part of the fun. To get the most out of Technorati as a blog reader make comments on other blogs.

Don’t know how to add your favorite blog? No biggie – just look for the Technorati link on the blog of choice and follow the simple instructions.

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