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Did you take your kids to work yesterday?

Did you take your kids to work yesterday?Yesterday, April 23 was the annual “Take Your Kids to Work Day” in the US. Even the White House allowed such an event, despite the security hassles involved, and the young guests were hosted by the First Lady Michelle Obama herself (read transcript here). And the First Lady had to answer all sorts of questions, from her dog, to her kids and her garden. There were questions about her job as First Lady, cooking (does she do it – No), possible natural disasters (“bad things happening to a country”), even about her sleeping arrangements! What the First Lady emphasized is that her job in the White House as the First Lady, mom, dog walker and gardener is fun! And her take home message is “do your best” because their parents, who are “public servants” are doing their best for the community and the country.

I find this practice really nice and this year, my kids will probably be old enough to take part in this event – whenever that will be here in Switzerland. But I know for sure his company is supporting such an initiative. The point is, almost every country seems to observe such a day. And the companies who support this event are really to be commended. Because although their employees might probably be less productive on this day, it is actually an investment for the productivity of the future generation.

It makes me sad that I never had the chance to show my kids my working place when I was still employed. And now, as a work-at-home mom, they see everyday where mom works anyway. It’s the family office, guest room and TV room rolled into one. No matter, I always try to emphasize to my kids that mommy is working even though she doesn’t go to the office everyday. That any type of work, be it performing menial jobs, house work, or professional work, has its merit and has to be appreciated.

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