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Custody Fight Gets More Tense For Gossip Girl Star

Custody Fight Gets More Tense For Gossip Girl StarIt seems another nasty Hollywood battle is shaping up. According to reports online actress Kelly Rutherford of the hit show Gossip Girl, filed for divorce from her husband David Giersch last month. Now the two are facing off in court, with Rutherford expressing fear that if Giersch is allowed to leave the country with their son, he won’t bring him back.

Her estranged husband has countered that Rutherford has a temper, alleging that she once threw a laptop at him when she was angry. Rutherford and Giersch both want full custody of two-year old Hermes. In another twist to this unfortunate saga, Rutherford is currently pregnant with their second child.

Rutherford made an emergency filing last week seeking to ban her husband from leaving the US with Hermes. In the papers she stated, “I feel there is some risk that he will leave the country with Hermes and I will not know where they are.” According to Rutherford also offered details about an investigation in Giersch’s native Germany that could require his presence.

Her husband meanwhile says he is a good father, and says that Rutherford’s career is the main reason for the marriage falling apart. So far Rutherford’s request to keep her husband in the country has been denied.

Well this is certainly another sad story of a marriage disintegrating while there is a young child in the picture. Rutherford’s pregnancy adds another sad element, and is reminiscent of Denise Richards filing for divorce from Charlie Sheen while she was pregnant with their second child.

The most one can hope for in a case like this is that both parties will remember that it is the child who will suffer most. It would certainly be ideal if they could come to an amicable agreement quickly, but judging by the reports that does not seem likely.

Of course many would argue that it is unfair for Giersch to blame Rutherford’s career success for the breakup. Certainly, in any career field success is the ultimate goal. We can only reserve judgment until he offers proof that she neglected her parenting duties for the sake of her hit show.

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