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Cosmetic Surgery, Pre-School Edition

From toes to nose – plastic surgery is a big moneymaker these days. Apparently, not only celebrities are opting for ?make overs.? Last year, about 1.8 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the US, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Even concerns about economic recession and the mortgage crisis didn`t stop people from spending money on cosmetic operations.

Apparently, make overs are quite common among mommys. Pregnancy and breastfeeding leave marks on a woman`s body that time, dieting, and exercise cannot fully erase. Even more problematic are the extra fat and the slack muscles. So for those who feel they need it and can afford it, the knife is the answer to these problems. Here are last year`s top 5 surgical procedures:
? breast augmentation
? liposuction
? nose reshaping
? eyelid surgery
? tummy tuck

But if mommy`s going to the clinic, what do you tell the kids? A Florida plastic surgeon has come up with some ideas in his children`s book ?My Beautiful Mommy?. With the use of pictures, cartoons, and simple text, he explains to 4 to 7 year olds the why`s, what`s, and how`s of plastic surgery. ?A must-have for any mother with young children considering plastic surgery.? according to the website. The message comes down to this: plastic surgery will make mommy feel better and prettier so the whole family should pitch in ?to help Mommy achieve her beautiful results.?

Uh-uh. You can imagine the outrage this message caused. Self-esteem issues, too much emphasis on looks and outward beauty, blatant brain washing are just a few of the objections that came up.

I haven`t read the book except the reviews so I won`t pretend that I am in the position to comment on its content. I also don`t foresee buying or reading it in the near future. My almost 5-year old twin boys call me ?the prettiest lady in the whole world? nowadays. And I didn`t even need any make over to get this sincere compliment. I know they are biased and I know they will eventually change their opinion. But I am definitely enjoying it while it lasts.

But such a book ? if it sells well (and it seems it is) – can create a precedent for similar books to come. Pretty soon the children`s book section will be filled titles like:

?Eye and lip painting is fun? ? the basics of make up
?Shots that can make you pretty? ? on botox, of course
?One plus one equals one (or more)? ? on IVF
?Bulgy Daddy? ? on working out
?Mom wants to be Dad too? ? on transgender interventions
?Why you can`t have a baby sister or brother? ? on vasectomy and tubal ligation

Wow, the possibilities are almost endless if you have the talent and the stomach for such type of writing. Any takers? These could be bestsellers!

As for me, I`d rather earn a couple of bucks writing blog posts and then spend my money on Winnie the Pooh and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I`m sure my kids will enjoy these better.


Reuters, 17 April 2008

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