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Charges Filed in Canadian Abandoned Baby Case

In January, someone abandoned a baby girl in a Toronto parking lot stairwell. The little girl, believed to be about 8 months old at the time, was discovered about two hours later in freezing temperatures.

Since her abandonment, the baby, named Angelica-Leslie by rescuers, has been living with a foster family, and has been thriving and happy.

And late last month, police tracked down a couple who they belive to be her parents. The married couple lived nearby the parking lot at the time of the abandonment, and have been charged with several counts relating to abandoning Angelica-Leslie.

The couple have three older children, aged 5, 4 and 2. The court ordered that the older children be taken into foster care, and this weekend several more charges have been filed relating to the care of those children, including assault, and assault with a weapon.

I wonder if the older children will be reunited with their baby sister?

Assuming that the allegations of neglect are true, then the abandonment of Angelica-Leslie, awful that it was, has ultimately lead to the rescue of her older siblings from an abusive situation, and I hope that the children will be placed together and can grow up safely in a new, and loving family.

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