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Bisphenol A Warning Update: It`s in Cans, too

bisphenolacantoo.jpgHere`s a new development to the issue of bisphenol A (BPA) contamination.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is now advising pregnant and breastfeeding women (as well as their babies) to minimize exposure to this suspected carcinogen and endocrine-disruptive substance. A previous post reported about drinking bottles taken off from store shelves due to BPA. The current warning indicated its`s not only polycarbonate hard plastics that`s involved. BPA may also be found in epoxy resin-lined metal cans containing soups, vegetable preserves and other food products.

CSPI gives the following recommendations to consumers:
? Buy fresh or frozen food products.
? Parents should make sure that their children are using BPA-free formula bottles and sippie cups.
? Food manufacturers should completely eliminate BPA from their packaging.

Exposure to BPA is suspected to cause cancer and reproductive disorders. Although there is currently little toxicological data available, many experts are concerned about BPA`s effect on children`s development and health.


CSPI Newsroom, 2 April 08

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