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Baby crocodiles call to mommy before they are even hatched!

When it comes to vocal communications, baby Nile crocodiles start rather early. They call to mommy and other siblings while they are still inside the eggs. These vocals are even loud enough for humans to hear. Through a series of experiments, scientists have now found out the meaning of these prehatching calls, according to Cell Press. It seems that the prehatchlings are calling to each other to synchronise their “coming out” and to inform mommy to start digging up a nest.

This synchrony will ensure that the babies have the best chances of survival. Predators will be waiting for the babies when they come out of the eggs. By timing their hatching together and informing mommy in advance, it ensures that a nest is waiting and an adult crocodile is present to provide guidance and protection when all the babies come out.

Rather ingenious, don’t you think?

I’m wondering whether those baby kicks are trying to tell us, moms, something?

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