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Babies on Twitter? Networking Through Pregnancy?

Babies on Twitter? Networking Through Pregnancy?There’s a new trend in social media networking. Baby bloggers. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to call them micro-bloggers, as I haven’t seen a full-length post yet. (Would their small size make them “micro micro-bloggers?”)

An adorable infant, two months and two weeks old, named “MeGrowUp” recently followed me on Twitter. I followed him back and, since then, I’ve been enjoying his antics. His “tweets” are written in an adorable babytalk format that is short and to-the-point but far more comprehensible than the speech of most toddlers.

The kid does have a bit of an ego. Last night, he posted: “NEWS: I rolled to my left side. It is only the second time. I’m so smart.”

Then again, if I looked as adorable as he does, I’d be a bit full of myself, too.

Today he is going to Grandma’s house and hopes to see the “cute cat.” Just an hour ago, he was a bit gassy. After going through this with my daughter for the past few days, I can definitely sympathize with him. In fact, I’ve thought about starting an account for my daughter just so she can “talk” back to him.

It does make me wonder, though, how does the parent of a newborn find the time to create a social marketing world for the baby? I have enough challenges keeping up with all my blogs in various industries, forget about blogging and networking for an additional person!

I got another interesting follower on Twitter in the past few days, too, and followed them in return. “HisBoysCanSwim” is the microblog of a couple, who identify themselves as Tarzan and Jane, that chose not to tell their real-life family and friends they are blogging about their pregnancy.

The couple’s avatar is an unidentifiable but decidedly pregnant belly. (I’m looking forward to watching it expand over the coming months). The Twitter account is used primarily to promote their blog.

I find this whole idea intriguing—keeping your pregnancy details private to friends and family yet reveal it to the entire digital world. Just recently, at the 12-month mark, “Jane” did reveal her pregnancy to close family and friends and, at press time, the couple is deciding when to share the news with the rest of their “real life” world. Nonetheless, they will keep their “Tarzan and Jane” identities secret for the duration of the pregnancy, permitting them to be completely open and honest in their blog without fear of offending, hurting or grossing out people they see in every day life. Can they maintain this anonymity for the next nine months? And will they share the news when the baby is born?

I love this idea, as I’ve self-censored while writing my blog posts in the past in order to spare feelings. Similarly, I started blogging here at Babies Online before I told certain very close family members about my pregnancy, (we wanted to share the news in person) and I didn’t even think to write under a pseudonym! Fortunately, no one from that side of our family stumbled upon my posts! I may be unusual in that my “real life” world and my online friends are fairly segregated groups, but I was definitely lucky that I didn’t upset anyone!

Expectant couples, infants… Who else is on Twitter? At the expense of sounding shamelessly self-promotional, you can stay up-to-date on all the latest pregnancy and parenting news, including celebrity births, product recalls and free giveaways by following You’ll see a tweet every time there’s an update to the Babies Online blog, so you’ll never miss a thing!

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