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Are You This Easily Offended?

areyouoffended.jpgDid anyone see the Clear Blue pregnancy test adverts? The one that used to have a voice-over saying “The most advanced piece of technology you’ll ever pee on”. I suppose a group of fusty conservative types complained and they had to change it. Now it goes “The most advanced piece of technology you’ll ever (cough) you know”.

Any prospective mom who is offended by the word pee, then I seriously urge you to reconsider getting pregnant. How will you ever deal with the real stuff? My son has worked out how to get his diaper off, and peed on my internet cable this morning. (sending a pee-mail? sorry…) Being a mom is not for the delicate!

The offending advert is available to watch on YouTube. I don’t think it’s a particularly classy way to advertise, but is it offensive? I say no. What do you think? Funny, or inappropriate?

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