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Anne Coulter on Single Moms

Conservative columnist and author Anne Coulter has a new book to promote, so she’s been on all the talk shows lately. Never one to shy away from controversial topics, and certainly never one to take the middle ground on an issue, this round of self-publicity has drawn the most fire over her opinions on single mothers. Single mothers, according to Anne,  raise rapists, strippers, runaways, and murderers, and are responsible for all of societies’ problems. Ironic then that she’s dressed as a call girl on the cover of the latest epic rant, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and their attack on America.

I appreciate that Anne Coulter has worked out that the more controversy she generates, the more books she sells. But stirring up anger and resentment against a group of women who are by and large hardworking, nurturing, loving mothers, is doing society more harm than the very small minority of single moms who fit the stereotype that Coulter is peddling.  She keeps ranting, and encouraging people to vote for politicians who won’t fund programs to assist single moms with childcare, employment and healthcare, and single moms will continue to struggle and fall of the bottom of the ladder, and their children will suffer.

And what about the fathers who abandon their responsibilities, who number far in excess than neglectful single mothers?

It’s wrong to label every single one of the approximate one-third of American mothers who are raising kids without the children’s father in the home.

Many serial killers – Ted Bundy being the most notorious – have been raised by single mothers with absent fathers, but others like Jeffrey Dahmer, the Hillside Stranglers, and David Berkowitz, the “Son of Sam” were all raised by married couples.

And conversely, Barack Obama was raised by a single mom. John McCain divorced his first wife, leaving her with full custody of their one child and two adopted children. And Sarah Palin’s unwed daughter is now an mom to baby Tripp.

And there’s me too. Is my son is going to grow up to be a murderer, rapist or stripper? He just learned to take his pants off and as toddlers do, has great enthusiasm for demonstrating his new skill, so he seems to have the qualifications for the last one. He’s also very good at building block towers and can recognize letters and numbers so I think it’s more likely he’ll be in construction or some kind of regular job that defies Anne Coulter’s expectations.

Coulter was on The View on Monday, getting into it with Whoopi Goldberg in particular, herself a single mom. If you’d like to fling something heavy at the computer or worship her outspokeness, you can catch it again on YouTube.

What do you think?

Editor’s note:  These are the opinions of blogger Clara ‘Brit’ James, not, Inc.

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