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Air Pollution and Wheezing in Kids

airpollutionwheezingkids.jpgOne of the most common breathing problems in kids is wheezing. Pollutants in the air, especially those generated by traffic are linked to wheezing in young children. Read a recent post of a mom`s experience with a child with breathing problems.

Researchers from Denmark found that children born to mothers with asthma are most likely to have wheezing symptoms. Furthermore, these wheezing episodes seemed to be triggered by air pollution, most especially high levels of air-borne particles smaller than 10 micrometer, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide. Wheezing is observed 3 to 4 days after exposure in children 1 year or younger.

Nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide, two traffic-related pollutants, are especially of major concern and can trigger wheezing even in older children.

This post is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.


Medwire News 13 Feb 2008

Andersen et al.Ambient Air Pollution Triggers Wheezing Symptoms in Infants. Thorax. Published Online First: 11 February 2008

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